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ProtoBug Tools

Browse by protein


  Get protein card: Returns rich information about a protein.
  Classify Your Protein: paste your protein sequence and get the ProtoBug cluster.

Additional Tools:
  Protein Sequence Alignment (BLAST): Displays sequence alignment for two proteins.
  Check protein in cluster: Testing whether a protein belongs to a given cluster.

Browse by cluster


  Get ProtoBug clusters by keywords
  Get ProtoBug clusters by cluster name

Additional Tools:
  Get cluster card by cluster ID: Vertical perspective, returns information about a ProtoBug cluster.
  Horizontal view at specific ProtoLevel: normalized distance of a cluster from root (available in Advanced mode only)
  Get the lowest common cluster of two proteins
  Cluster Distance Distributions (Available in "Advanced mode" only) : Displays sequence similarity for two ProtoBug clusters.